Drop Out Doc ?

By Amani

I seriously contemplated dropping out of the clinical field after graduating from medical school. My passion for art and medical education made me explore a career in medical illustration and biomedical visualization as a possible alternative. I am still passionate about medical art and education, but the career prospects without a medical residency did not seem as promising to me. I still found potential for growth and will continue to build my career in both in the near future. I am grateful to have found the one and only specialty that allowed me to stay on track and find myself. If I hadn't, I would have probably been a "Drop-Out Doc" too.

More doctors are considering a different career due to the many disadvantages of being employed and trained in the current health care "industry". I met the author of this article, James William, during one of my interviews in 2014. We discussed medical technology and it's potential to advance clinical medicine and how there is a huge world full of solutions out there just waiting to be explored. I am glad he found his way. Very interesting read.



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