Drop Out Doc ?

By Amani

I seriously contemplated dropping out of the clinical field after graduating from medical school. My passion for art and medical education made me explore a career in medical illustration and biomedical visualization as a possible alternative. I am still passionate about medical art and education, but the career prospects without a medical residency did not seem as promising to me. I still found potential for growth and will continue to build my career in both in the near future. I am grateful to have found the one and only specialty that allowed me to stay on track and find myself. If I hadn't, I would have probably been a "Drop-Out Doc" too.

More doctors are considering a different career d...

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Another beautiful educational animation using 3D modeling and animation.

Bowel cancer is the second most common cancer in Australia. Research shows that eating fibre rich in resistant starch is one way we can combat this threat. This animation shows how resistant starch moves through the intestine, feeds the healthy bacteria of the gut Microbiome and helps prevent cancer.

Watch the video made by artist Tim Vernon showing a great example of how 3D visualization and medical art can be incredible tools for medical education and research.


A short scientific animation of the journey of the sperm cell when fertilizing the egg. The backgrounds/environments were modelled & textured in Zbrush. The sperm cells were animated in Modo, using dynamic curves, replicators and particles. The rendered output was composited in Fusion 7 and Hitfilm 3 Pro.

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Check out the winners of the 2015 AMI contest. http://www.sciartinamerica.com/blog/sciart-winners-of-the-2015-association-of-medical-illustrators-annual-contest

Images like these always make me proud of my choice to join this profession. They inspire me to work harder and be more creative.


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Take a look at the role of medical visualization in aiding facial transplant surgeries. How cool ! http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/news/publications/insight/features//johns-hopkins-technology-improves-facial-transplant-

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